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Reactivate your life through our premium products and business opportunity as an Independent Business Owner. Our focus is helping people, having fun, and earning income, all while making an impact.

Introducing LIVology

For most of us, counting calories, stepping on scales, emotional eating and facing mental blocks can all become overwhelming. This group of products will work synergistically together to provide you the ability to have a more clear mind when making your daily decisions about food and exercise while also helping you build a stable body that is prepared for healthy weight management.

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The Peoples Company

We have set ourselves apart by becoming “The Peoples’ Company” – a company founded on true north principles of ethics and integrity, built for the field, by the field – our Independent Business Owners.

The time is now to secure your business with Life Activated Brands and
have the ability to grow in the compensation plan.

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Mörvida is available to purchase for both customer and IBOS!

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