BREAKING NEWS: Monsanto is at it again!

BREAKING NEWS: Monsanto is at it again!

According to recent speculations and hearsay, Monsanto/Bayer may be trying to sink their teeth into what promises to be an extremely large industry in the very near future – cannabis!

And why wouldn’t they? They see the writing on the wall. They know what this amazing plant is capable of. And they know that there is a surge of moment of epic proportions on the very close horizon. Of course they would want to capitalize on that.

The rumors have flown for years now about how Monsanto is planning to infiltrate, conquer and dominate the cannabis industry through genetically engineering plants. It’s no secret that they have bullied and lobbied their way into the monopolization of the corn and soy industries. But it appears that they are not yet ready to own up to this cannabis accusation, as they have denied any intentions of the sort. Nevertheless, many cannabis growers are preparing for resistance to an insidious Monsanto GMO takeover attempt.

It is no secret opinion that Monsanto is an evil company. In fact, they were apparently voted the most evil company in the world in 2013. This was amplified when they were bought by and merged with Bayer. Now these 2 super-companies have combined to create a corporate behemoth that is virtually unstoppable. They obviously share information with one another to benefit the sum of the parts and perpetuate their business success. Bayer is partnered with a company that has its very own proprietary cannabis genetics. Logically, we would think that Monsanto and Bayer would want to create their own GMO cannabis and, if that is true, well, they have the means to do it.

As more evidence mounts to support the theory that Monsanto/Bayer would want to take over the cannabis industry, we begin to imagine the real possibility that they could infiltrate and help shape this burgeoning industry. There is potential danger facing our beloved cannabis plants. Real, natural cannabis could become an extinct distant memory one day, having been replaced by some adulterated GMO franken-weed.

Let’s make sure to stay vigilant in our fight against those who wish to prostitute nature for their own capital gain at the expense of our health and our pocketbook. You deserve better than that. Stay woke, my friends…stay woke.

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