CBD At The Spa: Massage Envy

CBD At The Spa: Massage Envy

OMG! I am so tiiirrreedddd!! I just need a break!

MOM’s do you feel me?

It seems like my day is full of the 5 C’s:  Changing diapers, Cooking, Cleaning, Chasing, and Cuddling… and while I absolutely love my kids and my husband I feel like I have zero time left for me.

That’s why I make it a priority to go to the spa!

My service of choice is ALWAYS a deep tissue massage! I love them and I may be guilty of wanting to be tortured. I have a philosophy that if it doesn’t hurt, then the job isn’t getting done. However, this normally leaves me pretty sore and sometimes bruised and it could last for days afterwards.Now this post isn’t about the spa but let’s just indulge in the moment and reflect on how amazing it is when we walk into our local spa. The air is full of relaxing aromas and immediately our shoulders relax. They walk us into the ladies room where we undress and get cozy in our fresh and oh so soft robes. Next we either head to the sauna, steam room or maybe even jacuzzi while we wait for our service we have scheduled.

But I recently discovered an amazing product that allows me to enjoy my deep tissue massage without the discomforts I usually experience. That product is Life Activated Brands CBD Balm. It’s infused with essential oils and it smells absolutely amazing. Not only do I love it, but my massage therapist loves it too. It makes it easy for her to slide right into the knots without the friction that can sometimes happen with other massage oils.

The best ingredient, my favorite ingredient in the balm, is the hemp derived CBD. It’s a full spectrum hemp extract that targets the Endocannabinoid System. This allows the system to work at its best reducing inflammation and improving overall health.

It has been such a favorite for me and for the salon, that it is now offered it to everyone as an add-on to their massage and the reviews have been incredible.After having two babies back to back and foregoing deep tissue massage for almost two years, I expected to be in excruciating pain after getting back to my regular scheduled deep tissue massages. To my surprise, not a bit of soreness! I was totally amazed! It was so great I went back just a few weeks later for another deep tissue and asked for even more pressure to really test the waters. STILL, no soreness after!

So momma’s, if you’re looking to enjoy some much needed time away from those kiddos, order your Balm today and head down to the massage for some relaxation.

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