Kentucky Farm Visit

Dec 29 , 2018


Kentucky Farm Visit

Today was a good day. The Life Activated team spent some time visiting our Kentucky farms from where our hemp is being sourced.

Brandon and Jessica spent some time with farmer, partner and co-founder Kim Coleman surveying some of her land, greenhouses and yes, some of our raw hemp biomass as it was being stripped, dried and processed before it is prepared for extraction.

This short visit was fun, educational and helped give us all greater perspective on the laborious processes that are in place to ensure that our hemp is of the highest quality – a standard that Life Activated Brands is committed to upholding. CBD products sold by Life Activated will be produced from the best hemp, grown with organic practices in the fields of Kentucky. We will monitor the process from seed to finished product and make sure quality control is in place to separate us from the myriad of lower quality products that are flooding the market as of late.

While we wait for more helpful regulations to be put into place to ensure more transparency and truth in regards to hemp derived products, Life Activated will lead the way and set the trends when it comes to quality standards. By the time regulatory agencies set that bar, everyone will realize that Life Activated made the commitment to be the best long before the official standards were set.

As a company, we are not willing to sacrifice quality or cut corners to pad our pockets. It is of utmost importance to us that we be trendsetters in this particular area. We will continually work to make sure that our Hemp and CBD is the best on the market and that we have delivered the best possible products to our customers.


  • 29 Dec 2018 Bill Hockstedler

    Very interesting and I like your commitment to quality processes.

  • 29 Dec 2018 Jeanne Falgout

    Can’t wait to try the products

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