Recently Discovered Endocannabinoid System

Dec 28 , 2018

How’s your endocannabinoid system doing these days?

If you are like the majority of the 7 Billion humans on planet earth, you have an endocannabinoind system inside of you and yours isn’t doing so hot. It has likely been deprived of useful cannabinoids (also known colloquially as CBD) your entire life.

Does that come as a little bit of a surprise to you? That’s okay. It does for most people. Especially since the cannabis industry has been demonized for the last century. You probably had no idea your body actually has an entire system of receptors designed and ready to receive and use cannabinoids, which are just constituent components of the cannabis plant.

Your body is absolutely amazing! It is a functional work of priceless art - a downright miracle - and should be treated as such. In your brain there are what we call CB1 receptors. These receptors, when they are fed CB1, can help your brain regulate mood, memory, appetite and movement. 

Do you have a terrible memory? Are you always in a horrible mood? Now we know why…CBD to the rescue!

There is another type of receptor that is found in your body. These are called CB2 receptors and they are in your muscles, bones, liver, and your immune system. Whenever they have CB2 to use, they are designed to help your body regulate many important bodily functions and even reduce inflammation.

The human endocannabinoid system is an intricate network of receptors spread throughout your entire body and controls some of your body’s most vital life functions. So all this time, your body has been waiting, eager and ready, to receive and utilize the incredible properties of CBD and you probably had no idea.

People often ask about the safety and effectiveness of CBD. It would seem that it is almost a silly question in light of the blaring facts. Once we realize that the human body has been designed and equipped for utilizing cannabinoids, one may begin to wonder why it has been demonized all these years and kept away from us for so long. But that’s probably a rabbit hole we’d never escape from.

So is CBD safe and effective? Your body has an endocannabinoid system…you do the math.



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