Everyone's Talkin' About It...

Is your newsfeed full of your friends sharing posts about CBD Oil? It’s the newest health trend and there’s actuality a lot of credible research to back it.

Jan 03 , 2019

Hemp Vs. Marijuana


Hemp Vs. Marijuana

We aren’t here to argue the benefits or the ethics of medically prescribed marijuana. But we are here to make sure that everyone understands that there is a distinct difference between the 2 types of cannabis and that we clear the name of our long-lost hero: hemp. Welcome back, hemp. Welcome back.

Dec 29 , 2018

Kentucky Farm Visit


Kentucky Farm Visit

Today was a good day. The Life Activated team spent some time visiting our Kentucky farms from where our hemp is being sourced.

Almost A Century Lost

How did we go from using hemp for nearly everything under the sun to a perception that it is just something that “gets you high.”