Traveling With CBD Oil

Traveling With CBD Oil

We are approaching that time of year again--everyone is starting to think about spring break and where they plan on spending their time off!

A lot of people love heading to the beach for some relaxing ocean time, others hit the theme parks, and some people just want to get away where they can be out in peaceful nature and away from the bustle of the city.

But regardless of where you decide to go on your spring break, there can be physical discomforts that you encounter on your trip: soreness from playing and swimming all day at the beach, a hurt neck from riding that awesome roller coaster one too many times, or even a pinched sciatic nerve from what was supposed to be a relaxing hike.

Having things like this happen on vacation is never fun or expected, but they do happen, and it would be nice if you could make sure that your vacation isn't marred by some kind of unexpected pain. Luckily for you, there is a way to help remedy these kinds of issues so they don't put a damper or even a stop to your vacation.

CBD Oil is famously known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. And while you may need to see a professional after your trip--depending on the significance of your injury--taking CBD while traveling could be your lifesaver when it comes to relieving the aches and pains that come with a fun vacation.


Why Taking CBD While Traveling Can Be a Very Good Thing


1) CBD is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can have a huge impact when it comes to pain relief.

Taking CBD while traveling can help ease aches and pains because of how CBD acts with the endocannabinoid system.From what researchers have seen in their findings, CBD helps to relieve pain by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors found in the brains and immune system. These receptors are tiny proteins that are attached to your cells and that receive chemical signals from different stimuli to help your cells respond. This is what creates the anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects that result in relieving pain.

But how exactly are pain and inflammation connected?



2) How Can Reducing Inflammation Relieve Aches and Pains?

Inflammation and pain are directly related.Inflammation happens when the body's white blood cells detect and work to protect the body's tissue against foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. When this happens, the cells release their own natural chemical reaction in an effort to protect the blood or tissue, resulting in redness or warmth. Some of these chemicals can leak into the tissues, which causes swelling. This whole protective process can stimulate nerves and cause pain.

This is why taking a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory like CBD can be a huge relief. Having the ability to relieve the inflammation and consequent pain that you're feeling makes all the difference in the world as you are trying to be active, especially when you are traveling and just want to relax and be comfortable. 


3) Traveling Safely and Legally with CBD

If you are driving to your vacation spot and are planning on crossing state lines, make sure that you are aware of the other state’s laws regarding CBD.

If you are planning to fly to your vacation destination, realize that the TSA does not have rules regarding Hemp derived CBD Oil, however the TSA does mention CBD in regards to Marijuana as illegal and is a substance you cannot travel with. Because Hemp is now a federally legal substance in all 50 states to have under the 2018 Farm Bill, we assume it is totally ok to carry onto the plane with you.

However, the rule may come down to making sure that your bottle of CBD oil not only complies with the liquid requirements of TSA, but also that it has the proper labeling and preferrably a QR code linking the CBD back to its Certificate of Authenticity.

TSA is still not allowed to permit anyone to take marijuana-derived products onto a plane since marijuana is an illegal substance, and they may not be able to differentiate between a legal hemp-based product and an illegal marijuana-based product. 

This is why having the proper labeling and proof with a QR code is so important and can make the difference between security allowing you to keep your CBD and them mistaking it for something illegal and confiscating it. 

Conclusion, as long as you plan ahead and keep in mind the laws of the place you are visiting, taking CBD while traveling can be a huge help in relieving the aches and pains that would get in the way of you and your family enjoying yourself as much as you can. So travel safe, and if you can, travel naturally pain-free! 

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