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Expanding our reach with quality partners

One of the primary focuses of Life Activated Brands is to educate and empower the masses to take control of their health and wellbeing through our superior quality hemp-derived CBD products. 

There are so many choices out there for the consumer. How do you know which brands to trust? How do you know that you are actually buying a superior product?

We believe that our focus on education and empowerment will be one of the many elements that truly sets our company and products apart from the myriad of CBD companies on the market.

Dr. Jesica Mills, PharmD, MBA, RPh, CNHP

Dr. Jesica Mills is an integrative Pharmacist with Doctorates in Pharmacy and Natural Health and a Masters in Business Administration. She encourages
her clients to empower themselves with education on living their best life.
She identifies pain points and gets to the root of the problem rather than dealing with the symptoms.

When Jesica's dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told he had less than a year to live, modern medicine had no way of helping. Jesica was
not in the habit of just letting that happen without doing anything about it. So she started looking into alternative medicines, including CBD. Don, her father,
is still here, over 2 years later. They believe CBD and the other natural treatments are the reason he is still thriving.

Luke Shockley, MBA

Luke is a pharmacy management expert. From daily operations to
customer service, he excels in making a lasting impact on everything he touches. His passion comes from seeing his business flourish, developing
new skills, and creating strong relationships with his employees and community.

He got in to CBD when he saw an advertisement for it while visiting
family. Curious why the pharmacy didn't look into it, he scheduled
multiple CBD lectures, educated himself on it, researched the companies to do business with. He personally speaks to a majority of patients who enter the pharmacy and asks about a particular ailment. He has done extensive research on the subject and has taught dozens of people about the health benefits of CBD so that they may increase their standard of living.

Danny mills, rn