Stress Relief Products

We get it, as life goes on, responsibilities increase, living situations change, the pressure at work starts to take a toll on you. Sometimes, we just need a break. Sometimes, we just need a little help along the way. Our stress relief products are a great way to help ease stresses and pain. CBD products have been shown to help ease stress and anxiety for countless people. But how?

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Why Stress Is Dangerous

Stress comes about from a number of factors including genes, surroundings, hormones, neurotransmitters, and lifestyle choices. All of these can lead to feelings of dread, unpreparedness, and chronic anxiety. Small bursts of stress to your body over and over, day after day can cause depression, heat disease, digestive problems, weakened immune system, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, muscle tension, and more. It is quite obvious that stress is dangerous.


How Our Stress Relief Products Help

It is a complex procedure, but in short, CBD counters anxiety by stimulating neurotransmitter systems and neural regeneration. With serotonin, CBD binds to 5-HT1A, which is thought to have the strongest role in anxiety disorders.

Endocannabinoids are used throughout our body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD helps by prevention overstimulation of our CB1 receptors and by boosting our body’s production of endocannabinoids.

Neural regeneration may be aided by CBD. Constant stress is dangerous to the degeneration of some brain cells. Luckily, our body has the ability to grow our brain and regenerate cells. With the aid of CBD, this process has been seen to help grow the hippocampus.

There is much more that goes into CBD products. There is also a variety to pick from because of how different strands of cannabis plants are made up down to the cellular structure. For more information, give us a call! Chances are, there is a specific product that would mostly benefit you for your specific need. We look forward to helping ease your pain, stress, and anxiety.  

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